Privacy Policy of

A privacy policy is a legal arrangement that manages users' information flow and reflects an organization's working mechanism. provides travel services offered by third parties, which involves sharing details with them. This is why the statutory provision narrates the exercise of personal information that we collect while visiting our website. The privacy policy of is for its visitors and consumers. They can practice certain rights against the usage of personal information by others.

Information we collect 

We gather "personal information" to spot one as an individual. We collect details on using our services or visiting our website.

  • Your Name, age, date of birth, and gender
  • Email address
  • Telephone number 
  • Postal addresses
  • Credit and debit card number
  • Social media accounts
  • Promotion information
  • Passport number

How do we gather personal information?

We could fetch your personal information through various means and store the same.

  • Whenever you purchase any services from our platform
  • When you visit our web page or application
  • When you reach out to our customer service
  • From the public database or social media handles

How we use personal information

The personal information we collect from you can be utilized for the following purposes.

  • We use that to enhance our services to achieve and complete your booking requirement fluently.
  • The passport information we have collected is used for traveling purposes.
  • This helps us respond to your queries and fulfill your conduct, such as newsletters.
  • To offer a personalized traveling experience according to your requirements.
  • It also helps to share updated information about our terms and conditions changes.
  • This shows the booking details from any platform, such as an application or website.
  • We use this information to create a "tips account" based on a booking history you can share with others. You can share recent updates when you link the tips account with your email. 
  • The details we gather help us to recognize a lacking area and improve in those areas. 
  • It offers a personalized experience by creating an authenticated account credential to identify you. This helps us to ensure the safety of an account. 
  • You can process your payment more conventionally and conveniently.
  • We share the marketing communication according to your requirements up to the legal boundary.
  • The distinct piece of information that we have collected from you could be used to guide better facilities based on your search preference.
  • When you consent to use your personal information, you could also have the right to withdraw.

How may personal information be shared? 

The personal information we assembled from you could be shared with certain entities. Those institutions could be an exception to your policies, and the personal information revel to them are subject to their terms and conditions. Moreover, you get to scrutinize their provisions for using the services. 

  • We share your personal information with our "travel partners" to provide finer services. That connects users to an airline or online travel agents for booking the services. 
  • To third parties suppliers such as car rental or hotel companies to provide a better product with facilities by the purchased services
  • The data can be shared with travel companies related to any booking segment, such as travel insurance providers.
  • When you have used social media handles to connect or share information publicly, we share your information with "social media networking services."
  • We share information as per your direction and consent.

Revision to terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the privacy policy are subject to change at any moment without sending advance information. The change made in our statutory provision is within our discretion. Whenever such things occur, you revise that to your website, too. We recommend you visit our website regularly for updates about policies. We could not be held responsible for any harm or damage caused for such negligence.