Terms and Conditions of Faresinventiv.com

Welcome to Faresinventiv.com ("we," "us," "our," and "Faresinventiv") website is wholly dedicated to customers who need any travel-related information, booking, or other things. If you use this Site, you agree to these terms & conditions before making any travel arrangements. If you disagree, you shall not be allowed to use this Site and avail of our services. Here "you" and "your" refers to the user of the website or you. 


When you book a travel package through this website, you enter into a contract with the travel services profferer providing the package. The travel facilities supplier will set out the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Visas and Passports

You must ensure that you have valid visas and passports for your travel. You should check with the travel services provider to see if any specific visa or passport requirements apply to your travel package. 

  • In case you didn't get entry on the flight or to the destination due to inappropriate documents, which are necessary, we are not responsible for this. You cannot hold us liable. 
  • Passenger should show their personal information at check-in or while booking, which your Identification proof can verify. 
  • We are not liable for getting any damages or losses while flying on an international flight. 


Sometimes, you can get some errors while making payments due to glitches or server down. For this, there are some points to remember thoroughly. 

  • We can do things adequately and appropriately to correct the payment errors in our services. However, if there is any fault in reserving the tickets, at that time, we allow you to hold make your reservation by paying original and accurate fees; otherwise, we can revoke your booking without taking any penalty from you. 
  • Booking of flight tickets, hotel bookings, vacation packages, car rentals, or more still needs to be confirmed by getting confirmation mail.
  • To make the credit and debit card payments, first, it can be verified by the billing payments mode. So, look at the list of countries that accept credit or debit cards while making payments on the payment getaway page.
  • If any reservation fails and didn't get confirmation and the charges are deducted from your account, contact your bank account directly. 
  • We didn't take any responsibility for not using the debit/ credit card while making the reservation. 


Exploring this Site, I concur with you to waive any assert against Faresinventiv.com decisively; also, our subsidiaries or affiliates, or any third-party managers, professionals, employees, contractors, or more, have to accept that Faresinventiv.com don't have its affiliates, managers, experts, employees, or more are liable for:

  • Any damage to our property or injury to any person caused by any defect or negligence.
  • Any hassle, loss of entertainment, mental torment, or other matter;
  • For any flight delay, termination services, amendments in charges
  • Revoke the flight or make a reservation twice or itinerary beyond the control of Faresinventiv.com.
  • Faresinventiv.com does not take any responsibility, no matter what, for canceled, delayed, or missed flights or flights not interlinked due to amendments by the original airlines. 


The Faresinventiv.com portal has links advertising other firms' or vendors' products. We aren't liable for those link page content; you are endorsing it's your own risk. Thus, to use their Site, it's your responsibility that you are familiar with their privacy policy or their Terms and Conditions.


Suppose you have any concerns or problems with the travel service providers. In that case, you agree to release our affiliates, vendors, data, managers, employees, or agents from reimbursement, claim, penalties, action, or charges.


We won't be liable for any loss or damage of any property you suffer from using this website or as a result of any travel package you book through this website, downloading any content from our website, or more. 


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance. You should check with your insurance services provider to see what travel insurance is available.

Consent to Protect Us

Concerning these Terms, a traveler will protect our administrators, directors, employees, or agents from harming any claim, provoke of activity, liability, costs, demand, or any damage without restriction-sensible legal and accountancy charges, emergence out of another mode to link up with these conditions or the contracts which is part of these Terms by reference, regulation, use of this Site.

Prohibited Activities

Our Faresinventiv.com site has some strict restrictions; thus, to learn about it, ensure to read the below conditions:

You are not accessible to copy content and data from any spider, robot, or more things. Also, you can't abuse our travel services or overuse their liable services for another one is strictly prohibited. 

  • There is no access to use this Site for business purposes.
  • Also, you have to accept this; you can't share our personal information, documents, data, or crucial things with anyone without our permission.
  • You can't use any operations, apps, or interference on our Site; if we find it, we have the right to take any strict action. 
  • Don't misuse the Site with deliberate worms, logic bombs, or other cruel, repugnant, abusive, or innovatively harmful things. 
  • You should agree not to attempt to gain illegal admittance to the Site.
  • Additionally, we have the right to revoke your Faresinventiv.com account or 
  • We reserve the right to cancel your Faresinventiv.com account and delete your Site use if you violate any of the above prohibitions.


 You are liable to protect our Faresinventiv.com site, affiliates, vendors, data, managers, employees, or agents from any reimbursement, claim, penalties, action, or charges legally.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Faresinventiv.com reserves the right to change these terms at any time without sending any prior notification to you. Any changes will affect you immediately, and we always recommend you check the Terms & Conditions page regularly to learn about any changes. We reserve all the rights to make changes to the terms and conditions. Contact our support team if you still have any questions about our terms.