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How do I contact British Airways at Washington Dulles Airport? 

The person who had already booked a ticket with British Airways scheduled the Washington Dulles Airport and is now troubled with some doubts. They can clarify those doubts by contacting the concerned department. The British Airways Washington Airport Phone Number is (703) 572-2700, and you must consider contacting an official person to resolve the travel doubts. 

What terminal is British Airways at IAD? 

As you schedule a plane with British Airways from the IAD Airport, it is very necessary to be aware of the terminal used for the departure of the flight so that you reach the point before the required time. British Airways uses Terminal 1 at IAD Airport for all of its flight schedules and offers the mandated amenities at the same. 

What concourse does British Airways use at Dulles? 

There are different concourses, so the travelers might get confused at the airport. British Airways is at Concourse B at the IAD Airport. It consists of 28 gates and is located on the western side of the Terminal. 

How do I contact British Airways lost and found? 

A person who is seeking to contact the lost and found department of British Airways is required to reach out to the department using the phone number 1 (800) 247-9297. The lost and found department is accessible all day a week, so you can contact us anytime regarding your requirements. 

Does British Airways have a lounge at Dulles?

Yes, British Airways has provided a lounge at the Dulles Airport, which is located in Concourse B, named the British Airways Galleries Lounge. The lounge can be accessed by travelers anytime from 06 in the morning to 2 at night. British Airways lounge access is only permitted to frequent and high-class flyers at Dulles Airport. 

How do I contact Dulles Airport customer service? 

A person who would like to directly get through to a representative at Dulles Airport for any requirements and concerns is suggested to use the following mediums for receiving help:
Customer Care: For speaking to a representative in real-time, you have the call medium, and for the same, you need to consider calling the customer care number- (703) 572-2700. You will receive assistance over the call soon.
Contact Form: Dulles Airport suggests sending the travel inquiries and requirements through the contact form they have added to the site. The contact form must be delivered to customer service at least two days prior to the flight. The link to the Dulles Airport contact form is

How do I contact Dulles Airport lost and found?

In case a person has lost an item at the airport, they first reach out to the lost and found department and report a file for the same so that the officials can make a search for the item and contact you as the item is found. The helpline number of Dulles Airport's lost and found department is (703) 572-8479. 

How long before BA flight do I need to be at Dulles Airport?

If you have a domestic flight scheduled with BA from Dulles Airport, then you need to reach the airport 2 hours prior to your flight’s boarding time as it would be enough to pass the security checkpoints without any hassle. However, for an international BA flight, you must consider reaching Dulles Airport 3 hours before the take-off time as the costumes and checkpoints can take a little bit more time to clear. 

Is there a TSA office at Dulles Airport? 

Yes, the TSA office is present at Dulles Airport, and it is located between the East and West Security Checkpoints. The operational hours of the TSA office are 04:30 am to 09:00 pm. 

How long does it take to get through TSA at IAD?

On average, it hardly takes 11 minutes per person to get through to the TSA at the IAD Airport. However, on the weekends, the TSA wait time can be extended to 28 minutes as a large number of passengers are traveling and selecting TSA PreCheck for boarding at the airport. 

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