British Airways San Francisco Airport Terminal info.

British Airways SFO Terminal Contact Details

Have you made a booking with British Airways, which has its departure from San Francisco Airport? If yes, then you might be seeking information about your booked flight at the airport before you reach the airport. The airline suggests you get in touch with the local representative of San Francisco by dialing British Airways SFO airport phone number 1(800) 247-9297 to get accurate information on your booked flight. 

Which terminal does BA use at SFO?

San Francisco Airport has four terminals in total: 1, 2, 3, and  International Terminal A to facilitate the airline in landing and take-off. The passengers who have bought their ticket with British Airways are advised to move to International Terminal A to get the flight. All British Airways flights are operated from the International Terminal A. 

How do I contact British Airways lost and found? 

Suppose you have missed or lost your luggage with British Airways on the flight. You are advised to get to the lost and found department of the airline. They are available to take your calls between 7:30 and 23:00 daily. Dial 1-800-828-8144 and get to the airline representative for any query related to your baggage. 

How do I contact San Francisco airport? 

Passengers with any query about the San Francisco Airport can join the airport’s agent on the phone for help. Here are some important information to contact SFO Airport:

  • SFO Airport number - 650-821-8211
  • SFO Mailing Address - PO Box 8097
  • San Francisco, CA 94128-8097
  • Airport Parking - 650-821-7900
  • Airport official address - 
  • Airline official address -

How do I contact the police at SFO airport? 

The passengers who find anything suspicious at the airport need to inform the police of SFO Airport. If they spot any suspicious activity that can harm the people at the airport, dial 650-821-7111 and join the airport police on the call. 

What is the phone number for TSA San Francisco? 

TSA is a department that every airport in the USA has to manage. They are responsible for the security of the passengers at the airport. Every passenger visiting the SFO Airport has to undergo a security screening by the TSA. If you want to enroll yourself in TSA and have any questions related to this, dial 650-266-1900 and join the concerned authority for help. 

Is there lost and found in SFO airport? 

Yes, the passengers who lost their baggage at the airport will have to contact the airport lost and 
found a team. They keep a record of all the items left behind at the airport. Dial 650-821-7014 and connect with their lost and found department. 

What time does lost and found open at SFO airport? 

The passengers who want to connect with the lost and found department of San Francisco Airport are supposed to dial them after 8:00 am, and they close their services on the phone at 5:00 pm. 

Does British Airways have a lounge at SFO?

Yes, the lounge area of British Airways is located in the International Terminal of SFO Airport. Passengers can come to the lounge and relax themselves while waiting for their flight. Remember, you can access the lounge only if you have a business class ticket. 
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