How Do You Change or Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight?

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy & Fees

There are certain conditions that are a must for making any changes in a flight booking, and to learn about the same, you can consult the Spirit Airlines flight change policy that is mentioned below:

  • The changes on a booking will only be applicable till 30 minutes before the flight's scheduled time. 
  • One cannot request a flight change if they have a non-flexible ticket.
  • A fare difference might be applicable in addition to the flight change fee. 

How can I change or modify Spirit Airlines' flight?

A change and modification to a booked flight at Spirit can done on the website, and for that, you can consider the following steps:

  • First, visit the homepage of Spirit Airlines,
  • Open the "My Trips" page on the site,
  • Now, entering the relevant ticket info, you can retrieve your booking,
  • As you choose your flight ticket, you can locate the required change option on the page,
  • Follow the instructions shown on the page to complete the flight modification,

How much does it cost to change your flight on Spirit?

The cost of changing a flight with Spirit Airlines majorly depends on what changes you are requesting, the flight route, the time to request the change, etc. The estimated cost for the flight change is between $60 and $120. 

What happens when Spirit Airlines changes your flight? 

In any condition, if your flight has been changed by Spirit Airlines for an uncertain reason and you are wondering what to do now, you can consider the following points based on the situation:

  • Apply for a refund by canceling the rescheduled flight ticket if the flight is scheduled after 3 hours. 
  • Request for rescheduling the flight based on your preference. 
  • Request for compensation if your new flight is scheduled more than 60 minutes later than the original time. 

Can I change my Spirit flight without penalty? 

If you have booked a ticket a few months in advance with Spirit Airlines and request to make changes in the same 60 days before the departure, then there will be no penalty fee applicable. So, if this condition applies, you can freely make changes to your reservation made with Spirit.  

How can I change my flight date for free?

If you are able to request a flight change at Spirit Airlines within 24 hours of making the booking, you will be eligible to change the date of the booked ticket without any charges. Keep in mind that this condition will only apply if the flight has been booked a minimum of seven days prior to the departure date. 

Can I change a flight I already booked? 

If you have a flexible flight ticket, you will be eligible to change your already booked flight with Spirit Airlines. The flight change window will be available from the time of completing the booking till 30 minutes before the departure of the originally scheduled flight. 

How can I contact Spirit Airlines for Flight Change? 

The person who seeks representative assistance at Spirit Airlines for the flight change can make a call to customer service on the phone number (855) 728-3555. Once you get a representative on the call, you can request the necessary changes in your reserved flight by sharing the ticket information. 


In case you need to request a Spirit Airlines flight change depending on your new traveling plans, you can obtain the needed information from the above, along with the instructions that you can follow. 

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