How Can I Change My Flight on Volaris Airlines?

Volaris Flight Change Policy, Process & Fees

When choosing to fly with Volaris, you can make adjustments to your itinerary whenever you need to, as the airline offers flexibility with flight bookings. However, there are some policies infused with Volaris flight change that you must understand. 
Following are the key policies for making changes to a booking:

  • The flight change window at Volaris is open until 4 hours before departure.
  • No change will be applicable once the flight's boarding pass has been issued. 
  • If you have opted for partial payment and full payment has not been made yet, flight change cannot be requested. 
  • Charges will be added for changing a Volaris flight depending on fare conditions. 
  • When choosing a new flight reserve, one may have to pay the fare difference to complete the flight change. 
  • A single ticket cannot be changed if multiple reservations are made altogether. 

How to Change My Volaris Flight?

Any adjustment on your Volaris flight itinerary can be made directly from their official site. The steps you will need to adhere to for online flight change are as follows:

  • Head to the Volaris homepage on the browser,
  • You must shift to the "My Trips" section,
  • Entering the Reservation Code and Last Name, tap the "Go to My Trips" option,
  • As you find your itinerary on the page, you should look for the required flight change option,
  • Follow the instructions, and find a flight as per your new need,
  • Make the payment for the fare difference and fee as applicable,
  • Your Volaris flight ticket will be changed after that, and you will receive your new booking details in your email. 

How do I call Volaris to change my flight? 

The Volaris phone number to contact an official for a flight change request is +1 855 (8652747). Once a person meets on the call, share the reserved flight information along with the necessary changes on the itinerary. In a moment, the Volaris representative will get you a seat reservation on a flight you need. 

How much is the Volaris Flight Change Fees? 

The Volaris flight change fee varies depending on numerous factors and ranges between $45 and $110. It is calculated based on the flying destination, changes you opted for, reservation time and date, and scheduled boarding time from the time of the flight change request. 

Can I change a flight I already booked? 

Yes, changes are allowed on an already booked flight as long as you meet the conditions of the Volaris flight change policy. 

How can I change my flight date for free?

The conditions for changing the flight with Volaris for free are mentioned below:

  • The date change is requested within 24 hours of the reservation time, and the booking was scheduled at least 7 days from the ticket purchase date.
  •  The flight ticket was purchased with Flexibility Combo Fare as it allows changes free of cost. 
  • The original scheduled time has been shifted more than 3 hours later, and if you do not wish to fly on the same, you can ask to change the date of the flight with the original itinerary for free at Volaris. 

How many hours before a flight ticket can be Changed?

A flight can be changed 4 hours before its scheduled time but not after that. So, if you have a booking that needs to be adjusted due to changes in the situation, make sure you make the request at least 4 hours before the flight's original scheduled time.


So, when your travel needs to shift to a new date and time, or you need to make adjustments to a reservation, the above details will surely help you with the Volaris change flight. Follow a suitable flight change method to get your preferred flight without any trouble.

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