How Do I Book a Group Ticket with Air France?

Air France- Group Booking, Reservations & Costs

Booking flights for a group requires a different process than booking for individuals. Understanding the procedure for group travel is essential. Air France has given an online form on their site to request a quote for the group booking. Follow these steps to navigate the process effectively.

  • Go to the official Air France page on the browser,
  • In the Information section, you can find the Group Booking column,
  • Now, the group travel request form will load on the site,
  • You have to mention the Travel Information, Group Information, and any Special Request in the specified columns,
  • Next, tap on the "Send my request" key to request a quote from Air France,
  • After receiving the quotation in your email, you can proceed with the booking procedure by completing the payment. 

What is the Air France Group Booking Policy?

The key policies that Air France imposes for group booking are as follows:

  • A minimum of 10 members must be eligible for group booking with Air France. 
  • The itinerary of all the members of the group will be the same. 
  • When reserving with Air France, an infant will not be counted as a group member. The infants can be added separately to the reservation later. 
  • Air France aims to assign the seats of the group members together on the plane. For additional seat requirements, one can choose the advance seat selection, paying the required fee before check-in. 
  • The group reservation can be requested 11 months prior to the required travel date from Air France. 
  • The name change option will be provided free of cost on Air France group booking till the tickets are issued. 

What are the Benefits of Group Travel Bookings with Air France?

Many benefits can be attained by booking a group travel with Air France. The key benefits you will attain are listed here:

  • A standard discount on the original fare of Air France tickets is guaranteed on group booking. 
  • Members can be added and reduced easily on the reservation as a group until the tickets are issued. 
  • Each passenger in the group booking will get to carry an additional bag above their baggage allowance. 
  • Air France offers flexibility in paying the total fare of the group reservation. 

Are Air France flights cheaper if you book as a group?

It has been determined that booking as a group with Air France is cheaper than booking all the passengers separately on the same flight and class. Group booking offers a standard discount on the basis of the number of passengers in the group and provides many additional benefits during travel. 

Are there any age requirements for book groups?

No, there are no age requirements for group booking at Air France. All the members will be charged an adult fare on the flight. 

Are children eligible for a discount?

Children are not eligible for a discount when considering group booking with Air France. The fares will be the same as an adult on the flight ticket. However, infants who are less than two years old will get a discount on the Air France flight for the reservation as the infants occupy no additional seats. 


If you are considering flying with a large number of members to your preferred location and would like to consider Air France Group Booking, above you can find all the policies and benefits inclined with the same. Consider every detail of the group reservation, then choose to send a quotation request to the officials by following the mentioned procedure, which will help you make the group booking.  

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