How can you make an Alaska Airlines Group Booking?

How to Book a Group Ticket on Alaska Airlines?

If you are traveling with Alaska Airlines but are more than ten people, you are thinking of getting a group booking. It will be convenient and beneficial, but as you have the latest knowledge about Alaska Airlines Group Travel, you require answers to some questions that need to be answered immediately. You can contact the Airline customer service to inquire about the doubts you have related to Group Booking, or we will discuss everything related to the same.

Different Types of Group Travel on Alaska Airlines: 

Different flight options are available for all the passengers making a group reservation. You can pick the one that is best and convenient for you so that your journey will be comfortable and pleasurable:

  • Travel Separately: If a group of 20 or more passengers travel separately and arrive together at the same destination, they can get a discount from Alaska Airlines. As soon as you get to the help desk, you will be provided a code and can avail of discounts by using it.
  • Travel Together: If you are a group of 10 or more people traveling together on the same flight, then one person can make the booking. You can also access some discounts and offers given by the Airlines.
  • Charter a flight: The charter flights are for big groups that can be booked by contacting customer service. You are also allowed to customize your trip.

Benefits of Traveling with a Group on Alaska Airlines:

  • Passengers should be ten or more to make a group booking with Alaska Airlines.
  • Alaska Airlines has the best discounts and deals to offer on Group Booking.
  • Special assistance will be provided so you can ignore all the difficulties you might face during the group booking.
  • With Alaska Airlines Group booking, you can enjoy priority check-in and boarding.
  • You will also be permitted an extra baggage allowance at Alaska Airlines.
  • For the priority check-in, ensure you carry all the documents such as the tickets, passport, VISA (for international flights), government-issued identity, etc.
  • For Group reservations, check-in cannot be made online, so you must get to the Airport on time.

How Do I Book Group Tickets on Alaska Airlines?

The following procedure will help you to make a group reservation with Alaska Airlines:

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Click on the Book option at the top of the homepage.
  • Add the ticket details, such as date, time, class, arrival and departure location, etc.
  • Click on Add the passenger, and this is how you need to add all the details of the passengers.
  • Follow the instructions appearing on the screen and complete your reservation.
  • They are sent via email or can be downloaded from the official website.

When should I book a group flight?

The best time to book your flight tickets would be in advance because in this way you could get cheap flights. During the off-season, weekdays, and cheap days, all this time is the best to get the best deals for yourself.

Is it better to book flights as a group or individually?

Making a group reservation will be more beneficial than booking the flights individually because you can enjoy all the advantages, from priority check-in and discounts to extra baggage allowance.

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