How to Book Delta Airlines Group Flight Tickets?

Delta Airlines Group Travel - Fly with Your Group Conveniently

Earlier, families who used to book their flights altogether were not getting enough discounts or additional services. Now, there is a facility for Delta Airlines group booking process in which huge offers, discounts, various additional services, etc., are offered. However, with this, specific terms and conditions are laid down. So, in the given information, you will learn everything about Group booking, its process to book, rules, pros, etc. Please have a look:

Things to check out before making a Delta Airlines Group Booking

If you plan to make a group booking with Delta Airlines, there are different things you need to have an eye on before the group reservation. So, for a better understanding, you can glance at the key points that are described below:

  • Not less than 10 passengers— You must have at least 10 members to be eligible for a group booking. Less than this will not be considered to be a group.
  • When to reserve — Different regions have different but specific advance booking periods; for example, for the US and Canada, group booking flights are 240 days, and so on.
  • How much deposits— You also have to verify when the total amount has to be paid to the airline to complete the Group Booking process.

Delta Group Booking Terms and Conditions

There are specific terms and conditions for Delta group travel or booking, which you can find in the written points; please have a look:

  • Under any unforeseen circumstance, if you decide to cancel the group booking, instead of a refund, you will be provided travel vouchers.
  • You must be in at least 10 travelers to be eligible for group travel.
  • Cancellations made for a single passenger will result in the cancellation of the entire group.
  • You will be privileged to make modifications before the departure of your flight. However, the number of times might be restricted.

How to book Group Tickets for Delta Airlines?

If you are also satisfied flying in a group, this does not only give you a flight ticket but also some advantages associated with Group bookings, such as priority check-in, preferred seats, extra baggage allowance, etc. So, if you also want to book group tickets, the following is the method; please have a look;

  • Fill out the form.
  • Visit the Delta Airlines’ official website to begin the process.
  • Once there, tap on the “Travelling” tab.
  • You will view the Group Travel tab; tap on it.
  • A form will appear. Fill it out by providing all the information about your destination, number of passengers, etc., and submit it.
  • Make the payment to complete the process. (The airline will not ask you to incur a total amount).

How do I contact Delta for Group Bookings?

If you want to contact Delta for Group bookings, you can simply dial their phone number, 800-532-4777, where the executive will be assigned to offer you proper instructions so you can complete group bookings. However, a few IVRs will be spoken on a phone call, so listen to them, and a live person will be on the call.

Benefits of booking as a group with Delta

One can avail of several pros of booking as a group with Delta Airlines. Knowing about the same is essential as this evokes a kind of awareness of savings, etc. So, take a look:

  • Get rewards— The airline also initiates miles and other group booking advantages. You can use these miles in the future to reserve a flight or to purchase some additional services.
  • Flexible changes— You can change your flight, such as date, seat, etc., at no or almost minimal cost.
  • Priority check-in— The airline offers a priority check-in facility for all the group travelers so they are aboard on time.
  • Cheap flights— The airline offers affordable tickets to the group travelers. This makes their trip budgetary, and they can avail of the services to the fullest with many other advantages.
  • Extra baggage allowance— The airline also offers additional baggage services to passengers flying in a group with Delta Airlines. These services are chargeable for other travelers.

How far in advance can I book a Delta Group ticket?

Passengers must be aware of the advance timings that have been set up by the airline for group tickets, and to know about the same, you can find the relevant countries and the advance days for bookings:
Flights within the US and Canada, to Central America, etc., Are 240 days before the scheduled flight.

NOTE: There are more, and you can find them on Delta Airlines’ official website.

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