How Do I Book Group Travel Tickets on Qatar Airways?

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People who will make group reservations with Qatar Airways flights are advised to read some Qatar Airways group booking policies and guidelines to avoid any difficulty with their group ticket. Read the below guidelines:

  • As per the Qatar Airways policy, the minimum number of passengers for a group reservation is ten or more for a ticket.
  • Passengers will need to provide some required details like the total number of group members and other additional information to request a group booking.
  • According to the Qatar Airways rules, the group reservation ticket is refundable but will charge a penalty. The penalty charge depends on when the ticket cancellation took place.
  • The group tickets are valid for only adults and children and will not apply to infants.
  • People can also request excess luggage but will need to pay the chargeable cost.

Benefits of Qatar Airways group travel? 

Here are some benefits are given below for group traveling with Qatar Airways flights:

  • People can take advantage of special group fare prices and their available offers.
  • Passengers can secure their Group reservation with a deposit and then can arrange to pay the balance amount in the seven days before their scheduled departure.
  • In case a passenger doesn't have the names of all the passengers at the moment, then they can reserve the seats for them.
  • Passengers with group reservations can request the dedicated group check-in counter.

How to book group flight tickets on Qatar Airways? 

People who are not aware of the procedure for Qatar Airways Group Booking can use the online method and offline methods wherein they can send their email for group booking requests to and follow the online steps:

  • Visit the Qatar Airways official portal.
  • Now, visit the airline "booking" section and tap on "group travel."
  • Then, redirect to the next page, wherein you will get a form.
  • Open the form and log in to your account.
  • Mentioned the required details of the group and their ID.
  • Then, select the destination, location, departure date, and other.
  • Go to the payment page and pay the cost of the Group ticket.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you.

How Do I connect with Qatar Airways Customer service? 

Suppose a passenger faces any technical faults or issues in Group booking or wants to inquire about some group travel services. In that case, they can directly contact the airline customer service department at 1-786-232-0461 to communicate with the airline live agents. The customer service hours of operation of Qatar Airways are from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

How far out to book group flights? 

People planning to make group reservation tickets on Qatar Airways might be wondering how far they can book Group tickets. So, passengers can buy group tickets 202 to 116 days before departure, but on some airlines, the passengers are allowed to book group tickets between 60 to 5 days from the day of their journey.

Are flights cheaper if you book as a group?

Yes, People who take their family or friends on group vacation find the more convenient method to book multiple reservation tickets as a single ticket by which they will get a flight ticket at a lower price. Qatar Airways offers reduced-cost flight tickets when the passengers are traveling in a group of 10 or more people together.

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