Benefits of Booking Spirit Airlines for Group Travel

How Do You Make a Group Booking with Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines encourages you to book your flight in a group with more than ten people who travel within the same flight to reach their destination. Similarly, if you have planned a journey to your intended destination and are looking for Spirit Airlines Group Booking, you must go through the essential guidelines below.

  • When you travel with a Group Booking flight, it reserves ten more tickets within a flight via a special contract.
  • Get the confirmed seats for more than ten passengers without making a full payment within 60 days of departure.
  • You will receive a quote within 3 business days with specific information about group booking on Spirit Airlines.
  • If you want to change your passenger’s name, you must do so within 30 days before your flight departure.

How do I book multiple seats on Spirit Airlines?

If you want to book multiple seats on Spirit Airlines, you are required to go through the My Trips option within 24 hours of booking. You need to enter the booking details to add your desired seats easily. If you find issues while booking multiple seats, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the Spirit Airlines booking website and go to My Trips, which you can find on the booking page.
  • Enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger, access your booking, and select the seat option.
  • Go to the seat map to choose your desired seat for your group booking passenger and book multiple seats on Spirit Airlines easily.

What are the advantages of Spirit Airlines group booking?

If you want to travel with your family and friends and select a group booking with Spirit Airlines, you will get several advantages you can’t expect within a single booking. To get more details about the advantages of group booking, call the significant points below.

  • Get guaranteed fare discounts when you travel with more than ten people on a flight to the same destination. 
  • You may get the concession for extra carry-on and checked baggage service when you travel with more than ten passengers.
  • After completing your group booking, you will receive a message of confirmed flight booking in a group with guaranteed flexibility of terms and conditions.
  • A group booking can cancel your 10% to 20% of the reserved seats at no cost applicable within six weeks before flight departure.

Is it cheaper to book flights as a group?

Yes, it is cheaper to book a flight as a group and get extraordinary facilities and services for all passengers at the exact cost.

How far in advance should I book a group flight?

When booking your group flight ticket with Spirit Airlines, you need to do so within 90 days before your flight departure in advance.

How do I call Spirit Airlines about Group Booking?

You can simply dial 844-989-7283 to call Spirit Airlines representative for the group booking and share your booking requirement to complete your booking on the call easily.


Hopefully, you have understood all the facts about Spirit Airlines Group Booking service, but if you still need help, you must connect with a live person to make your group booking convenient.

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