How Do I Choose My Seat on Air France?

Air France- General Conditions For Choosing Seat

Air France is a top-class service provider with a wide network serving millions of customers. You can get quality service while travelling, including the latest technologies and customer service techniques to solve your concern about changing your Air France seat. If you are finding the way for Air France seat selection, then you can try multiple mediums to contact them, which are explained briefly;

Call the helpline number: if you want to reach Air France customer service to change your seat arrangement or want to sit next to your family or friend, then you should contact the Air France calling number which is 1800 237 2747 or +1-802-302-5021 (OTA) where an advisor will guide you and provide the prompt answer after listening and choosing the correct IVR instructions. 

Utilize the online method: Whenever you want to change your seat or book your preferred seat, then you should avoid taking help from customer service and reach the airline without any help to avoid extra time. To choosing your preferred seat, you need to go through these procedures: 

  • Flick on their official website and go to the option "manage your booking"
  • Now log in with existing account details and continue with seat arrangements option. 
  • Change the seat and enjoy the flight with your family and friend. 

Head to the airport office: If you are still unable to change your seat or choose the seat then you should, must visit the airport for Air France seat selection, where you can show your concern and ask them to change the seat. They have a dedicated customer service desk to provide customized assessments according to your need and requirements. 

How much does it cost to select a seat on Air France?

If you have transatlantic flights, then you can choose or select a seat on Air France without paying any charges or fees. You can also select a standard seat for free of charge while traveling with them, but once your boarding pass is generated you can not change your seat. 

What is Air France seat selection policy?

If you are flying with Air France, there are some restrictions and policies which you have to follow to change or modify your seat arrangements, Such as:

  • You can select your seat while booking or until 30 hours before the flight departure from the airport. 
  • Once your boarding pass will be issued by the airline, you can not change the seat. 
  • You can change the seat via online method or visiting the airport counter. 
  • To make change or modification in your seat, you have to pay according to your location, date and fare type. 
  • If you have standard, premium and business seat then you can choose your preferred seat for free of cost. 

Which are the best seats on Air France flights?

Premium seats are the best on Air France flights, providing comfort and recline, comfortable seats, and larger leg-room space to enjoy the flight without any discomfort. They have plenty of storage space with adjustable leg rest, footrest and headrest area. 

Can I choose seats in economy class? 

Yes, you can choose a seat in economy class in advance while making a reservation with them. They also provide zero-charge policies for standard ticket types, where you can select the seat without paying any fees or taxes. 

How to get a free seat on Air France?

You can get a free seat on Air France by purchasing the standard or premium ticket the airline offers. They also guide you at the airport to get your Air France seat selection with zero payment while having a memorable journey with your family or friend. 

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