How to Buy a Seat for the Latam Flight?

How Do I Select Seats on a Latam Flight?

Both offline and online modes are available to select seats with Latam. The particulars of the same are given here:

By means of online mode:

The best method to select seats with Latam is through the official website. The specific approach that you can make use of to select the seats with the airline successfully is:

  • Skim across the official website of Latam.
  • Navigate over the page to find the My Trips icon. 
  • Make a selection of it to find the drop-down choices given. 
  • Enter the details of the reservation code and last name to access the booking page. 
  • Scroll down to find the flight for which seat needs to be selected. 
  • Pick out the Choose My Seat option that is provided. 
  • Run through the seat options given and select the seat of your choice. 

Via Call:- A direct call can be placed with the customer support team to get information on the available seats. Ring up at 1 866 435 9526, where the agent would get connected for the necessary support. 
Visit the airport:

Via Airport:- You can visit the airport ticket counter and request the seat selection. The staff at the airport would give you details of the available seats and then you can accordingly select the seat needed. 

How much is the Latam seat selection fee?

The airline's average fee for seat selection is 20 USD to 70 USD, which can vary as per destination and distance traveled. 

What is the Latam Seat Selection policy?

You need to follow certain policies when selecting a seat with Latam. The pointers associated with the same are given here for you to make an understanding of:

  • The selection of the preferred seat with Latam purely depends on the availability of the specific seat with the airline.
  • If you are an Elite Latam Pass member, you would be given the flexibility to choose the seat with the airline for free. 
  • The airline holds the right to assign a regular seat to you under conditions when you do not meet the requirements being set for a seat being selected with Latam. 
  • The seats next to the exit or emergency rows are not assigned to the ones with serious health conditions and children. 

What are the Latam seat options?

The various seat options available to reserve with Latam are:

  • Spacious seats: The seating has more comfortable space area, 
  • Further up seats: These are the seats with more fast disembarkation. 
  • Emergency exit seats: Seats with more spacing for relaxation. 
  • Standard seats: These are the seats where you choose where to sit. 

How do I avoid paying for seat selection?

You can avoid paying for the seat with the airline, by becoming an elite class member. The airline also offers free seat selection under medical conditions and for traveling with infants. 

Is it worth it to pay for seat selection?

Yes, the seat selection is worth the pay if you want to make the travel journey comfortably and without hassle. The airline also makes sure that once you pay for the preferred seat, 

Final words:

Perusing the Latam seat selection policy and process specifications, you will now have a clear idea of the methodology that needs to be followed. For further queries, go to official website for the required information. 

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