How to Choose Seat on Breeze Airways Flight?

Breeze Airways Seat Selection | Choose Seat After Booking

In order to guarantee a comfortable flight experience, travelers often choose a well-established airline renowned for its exceptional amenities and facilities. Breeze Airways Flight is preferred for those looking to enjoy a delightful journey to their favourite destinations. Passengers who have made reservations with Breeze Airways for their desired locations can conveniently choose their seats either at the time of booking or afterwards. If you wish to select seats with Breeze Airways after completing your reservation, simply follow the provided steps for a seamless process.

  • Firstly, you can visit the Breeze Airways homepage.
  • Then, you can go to the "My Trips" page on their website.
  • Now, you will need to enter your reservation details, like the confirmation code and surname given on the ticket.
  • Then, retrieve your flight ticket and move to another page.
  • Go to the section "seat selection."
  • Open the seat assignment map and choose the available seat option on which you want to travel.
  • Now, tap on the "next" button and pay the seat selection fee from the payment methods.
  • Get a confirmation email for the seat selected on your booking from Breeze Airways.

What is the Breeze Airways seat selection fee? 

Basically, the seat selection fee on Breeze Airways depends on the seat in which you want to sit if you wish to buy the seat selection alone or in a Nicer or Nicest Bundle that consists of the seat selection in the roomier zone. The upgrade fee for seat selection depends on the aircraft and travel route on which you want to fly. Read the given information to learn about the seat selection fee:

  • For standard seats, it will cost you from $10 to $59 for an individual seat range.
  • Booking a seat with extra legroom will cost you from $30 to $99 for individual range prices.
  • You will charge from $50 to $399 to reserve your seat in Breeze Ascent Zone.

Note- Passenger who wants to get more legroom with a checked or carry-on bag then they can book with a bundle as it is a better deal than paying for the seat upgrades individually.

What is Breeze Airways' seat selection policy?

Passengers are advised to read the below given some highlights for Breeze Airways' seat selection policy and rules.

  • According to Breeze Airways, passengers can make unrestricted changes in their seats or their reservation itinerary within 24 hours of purchasing the flight, which is more than seven days from the departure.
  • If a traveler chooses his proffered seat after 24 hours of the booking then the airline will charge them for the seat selection fee.

Types of seats offered by Breeze Airways? 

Breeze Airways provides 3 types of seats - Breeze Ascent, Extra Legroom seat, and Standard seats:

  • Breeze Ascent seat dimensions are 20.5 inches wide with 39 pitch.
  • Extra legroom seats have the dimensions 18" wide with 33" seat pitch.
  • Standard seats are 18" wide with a seat pitch of 30". 

How do I contact Breeze Airways for seat selection?

Passengers who want to choose their seat on Breeze Airways can directly connect with the airline customer service department at this official phone number +1-802-302-5021(OTA) to speak with the airline agent. They will need to follow the instructions over the call of the agent and provide them with their reservation for seat selection.

How do I avoid paying for seat selection?

If a passenger wants to avoid the seat selection fee, then the airline will be assigned a seat at the time of flight check-in for free in the available seat options on the aircraft. 

How long before a flight can you choose seats?

Passengers can select their seats during the time of flight check-in at the airport. For domestic flights, they can choose a seat 3 hours before the departure time, and for international flights, they can select a seat 4 hours earlier than the scheduled timing.

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