How to Select a Seat on Emirates Airlines?

Emirates Seat Selection Policy & Fee

Emirates Airlines is one of the supreme national air carriers in the UAE, which deals in in-flight entertainment and offers enough cabin space. When you require more space on Emirates flights before traveling, you should have complete information regarding its seat selection rules. For convenient trips, you should always focus on Emirates Seat Selection policies in detail to avoid any issues. Some of the guidelines for seat selection are mentioned in the following steps.

  • Commonly, seat selection on Emirates flights is free, but you should pay some charges in case of exact complimentary space.
  • For Economy Class tickets, you can only choose seats, such as Regular, Preferred, Twin type, and Extra legroom seats.
  • Pregnant ladies and children of 15 years or younger age cannot select an emergency exit Emirates windows seat.

How to Select Seats on Emirates Flights?

As per the Airline's policy, you can easily choose the desired seat on the Emirates flight before or after the booking. It completely depends on your mindset when you wish to select the seat during reservation or there after at the time of Online Check-in.

Choose Emirates Seat while ticket booking:

You have a chance to reserve your favorite spot while booking tickets at Emirates. Initially, you should visit the Emirates official web page at and fill out all necessary flight information for booking. Before, making the final payment, you can proceed with a preferable seat of your choice.

How Much Does Emirates Charge for Seat Selection?

Emirates allows free seat selection in most cases. The seat selection cost differs because of Class variation. You should have the correct information about Emirates Seat Selection Fee for a simple flight journey. Also, the average price for seat selection at Emirates Airlines is approximately $ 20 to $250 per seat on all available Classes and routes.

How do I choose a seat even after booking a flight?

Suppose you have skipped the seat selection process completely during fight booking; in such case, you can still use this option at Emirates. But, seat selection after confirmed booking is possible only through Online Check-in, which is open 48 hours prior to take-off. While using the Online Check-in features, choose the desired unoccupied seats from the provided map lists and make successful payments.

How do I contact Emirates for Seat Selection?

To know about the seat selection procedures along with its necessary policies, you can contact the Emirates agents by telephonic way or reach them using the Live Chat option. But, if you are planning to approach agents using the Phone, dial the Emirates customer service number at +1-800-777-3999 and ask for seat selection assistance.

How to select seats on Emirates for free?

Before choosing any seat at Emirates, be sure you have purchased or wish to buy the correct ticket types. Only some Emirates Airlines classes offer free tickets such as First Class, Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus ticket fare, and Premium Economy. Also, you can select a free Emirates seat easily via Online procedures.

Is it worth paying for seat selection?

Yes, it will be worth the money when you pay fees for seat selection at Emirates Airlines for the reasons mentioned here.

  • Have specific seating preferences.
  • Get comfortable seats for long international routes.
  • Need extra legroom.

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