How Can I Select a Seat on Etihad Airways?

Etihad New Seat Selection Policy & Fees

Etihad Airways is a well-known flag carrier of the UAE and operates its planes in around 44 countries. Travellers always want to have comfortable seats where they can feel relaxed while using Etihad flights. But, they have to focus on the Etihad seat selection guidelines to obtain the preferred space in the flight. Every seat selection on Etihad flights is based on specific rules, so while making seating selections at Etihad Airways, travellers can recall the important policies described below.

  • Travellers can book their Economy class seats through Etihad flight booking or at Online Check-In time.
  • Economy class includes forward, Middle, and Rear Zones.
  • When travelers have Choice Plus fare tickets, they can choose the desired extra legroom seats for free in case it is available.
  • Travelers who are medically fit and above the minor age groups can choose the Exit window seats.
  • Also, travelers can only choose the available seats from the interactive map lists.
  • Silver members can reserve 1 seat, Gold guest members can choose a maximum of 2 seats, and Platinum members at Etihad Airways can select up to 9 seats.

How To Select Seat On Etihad Airways?

Passengers can easily select their seats at Etihad Airways during booking or when they go with Online check-in. Also, it depends on them when they choose their preferred seats on Etihad flights. Some highlighted points will describe its correct seat selection procedures.

  • Head to the Etihad Airways original website,
  • Under the Manage columns, they can navigate with Choose your seat options.
  • It will take them to the new Reserve seat page, and they can click on the same.
  • Enter their Etihad booking reference or ticket number and last name.
  • They can choose the desired seats from the map and make applicable payments.

How much does it cost to select a seat on Etihad?

When passengers are going for extra legroom at Etihad, they must pay $30 to $180 per seat for every available class on all routes. So, they must check the actual seat selection cost at Etihad Airways before choosing it.

Etihad allows free seat selection?

Basically, with Choice Plus fare, travelers can select the Etihad flight seats for free, and they do not have to pay any additional costs. But, this free Etihad seat availability is not applicable to travelers when they reserve their tickets with the mentioned Airways.

How can I contact Etihad for seat selection?

For any seat selection procedures or inquiries at Etihad Airways, travelers can call the customer executives and ask for help. They can also connect with Etihad customer spokespersons on the Phone Number 1 (877) 690-0767 and inquire about seat selection procedures from them. Etihad Live operators will tell them all the correct procedures and help them with the same seat selection.

Does Etihad automatically assign seats?

Depending on the travelers' ticket class fares, Etihad Airways automatically assigns the seats for them. Later, as per their convenience, they can also choose the desired Etihad Airways extra legroom seats by paying the applicable charges.

What happens if you book a flight without choosing seats?

If passengers do not select their seats while booking, they can still choose it during the Online Check-in from the available interactive map. So, passengers can go to variant options for seat selection at Etihad Airways when they cannot select the seats while booking flight tickets.

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