How to Book Seats on Qatar Airway? A Complete Guide

Can I select my seat on Qatar Airways? 

Yes! You can make a Qatar Airways seat selection. The airline provides various seating options such as standard seats, preferred seats, extra legroom, etc. If you want to select the desired seat as per our choice, you can reserve it during the booking or immediately after booking a ticket up to 2-3 hours before boarding. You can select the seats online via the Qatar website and by talking to the agent over the phone. 

How to select seats on Qatar Airways? 

Selecting seats on Qatar Airways is quite simple; you can choose your seat via the website, by phone, or by directly visiting the airport. Here is the step-by-step method: 

  • Go to the Qatar Airways official website, 
  • Look for the Manage/Check-in option and go to the 'Manage booking.' 
  • Insert the booking reference code and last name, access the booking details
  • Choose the ticket for seat selection and proceed with the seat selection option
  • You will see the seat map, choose the desired seats from the available options
  • Proceed with the payment and follow the prompts to complete the seat selection process 

What is Qatar Airways seat selection policy? 

  • The standard seats are complimentary for most fares, such as Economy Comfort and Economy Convenience. You can choose the desired standard seat for a fee if you have Economy Classic. 
  • The standard seats include Window seats, Aisle seats, and Middle seats. Exit and Front row seats are not included. 
  • If you have Business Comfort or Business Elite, you can choose the preferred seat for free immediately after the booking. Business class and business lite can select preferred seats by paying a fee. 
  • You can also choose extra legroom and comfort + seats when choosing preferred seats. 
  • The seat selections are subject to availability and can be done after booking via the manage booking section during check-in. 

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Qatar Airways? 

The standard seat selection is complimentary if travelling in Economy Comfort and Economy Convenience. Preferred seat selection is complimentary for Business comfort and Business elite. 
You must pay a seat selection fee for Economy Classic, Business Classis, and Business Lite tickets. The seat selection cost depends on fare condition, route, destination, etc. Speak to the airline directly to know the exact seat selection cost in your case. 

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight? 

Do not worry if you cannot select the seats when booking. You can choose your seat even after booking by using the manage booking section on the website. You can access details and select seats from the seat map. Pay for the seats, and you can complete the seat selection. In addition to that, you can also choose seats during the web check-in 48 hours before departure or at the airport when checking in at the self-service kiosk. You can get help from Qatar Airways customer service if you face any trouble. 

Does Qatar Airways allow free seat selection? 

Yes! Qatar allows free seat selection based on the fare type you have. If you have Economy Comfort or Economy Convineinec, you can select a standard seat for free from when your booking is made. Similarly, if you have Business Comfort or Business Elite, you can choose preferred seats for free.

What happens if one cannot select a seat on Qatar Airways? 

If you cannot select seats on Qatar Airways, the airline will assign random seats at the time of check-in or at the gate. So, if you want to make a Qatar Airways seat selection as per your choice, do it as early as possible. 

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