How to Upgrade to Avianca Business Class?

How Do I Upgrade to Business Class on Avianca? 

There are a number of travelers who initially book tickets in Avianca classic or flex travel class and later on wish to make an Avianca business class upgrade. These travelers have the option to upgrade either online or by reaching the airport. Both the procedures are described below;

Upgrade to Business class on Avianca online:

Ticket holders are expected to go through the following instructions at least 4 hours before scheduled departure to upgrade to business class:

  • Visit the official Avianca Airlines website. 
  • Click on the "Your booking" option. 
  • Head to the Business class option. 
  • To proceed further, you must fill in the booking code and reference number. 
  • Finally, your seat will be upgraded to the higher class. 
  • Make payment to complete the bookings. 

Upgrade Avianca Business class at the airport: 

Travelers also have the option to purchase a Business class upgrade at the airport if seats are vacant. They must head to the reservation counter and mention their travel information like ticket number and current travel class. The airline representative will check for available seats and make bookings if possible. 

What are the Avianca Business class upgrade benefits? 

Travelers are entitled to a number of benefits if they select business class on Avianca Airlines. Some of the important benefits of this travel class are as follows: 

  • These travelers get priority services such as priority boarding and priority checkin. 
  • These travelers are allowed to carry additional luggage. Travelers holding Business class tickets can take 2 checked-in bags weighing 32 kg. 
  • These travelers have access to Avinaca VIP lounges and can relax and wait for their flights in full comfort. 
  • They earn 7 miles for spending one dollar. 
  • Business class travelers have more variety of food as compared to other travel classes. They can even customize their meals according to their mood and diet. 

How much does it cost to Upgrade to Avianca business class? 

Travelers are required to pay additional charges to upgrade to Business class if they have initially booked tickets in lower travel classes. Avianca Business class upgrade costs fluctuate according to availability, time of upgrade, and your current travel class. On average, travelers are required to pay $100-$250, depending upon factors mentioned. 

Can you upgrade seats after purchase? 

Yes, travelers have the opportunity to upgrade their seats even after ticket purchase. They can check the availabilities and make the additional payment to purchase a seat according to their travel need and preferences. 

How to get a free upgrade on Avianca? 

Travelers often look for ways to get free upgrades on Avinaca Airlines. They can go through the following conditions in which a free upgrade is possible: 

  • If travelers are holding Avianca Airlines loyalty program miles, they can use them for upgrading to higher travel classes for free. 
  • Whenever seats remain vacant, Avianaca Airlines automatically upgrades the travel class of travelers based on their elite status. 

How can I contact Avianca for a flight upgrade? 

Avianca Airlines ticket holders also have the alternative to contact customer services to gather information about Business class upgrades or for requesting for the same. They need to make use of the official Avianca Airline phone number: 1-866-919-0081 and proceed with the automated instructions. Soon, callers will find their calls to be forwarded to a live representative who will check the options available and make the possible upgrades. 


All those travelers who wish to experience the best travel services and facilities on Avianca Airlines must use the detailed information provided above to upgrade their active travel class. They must note that the upgrade will only be confirmed on the basis of eligibility and availability. Also, travelers are required to pay additional charges, which can only be made up to 4 hours ahead of flight departure. 

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