How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Latam Airlines?

Latam Seat Upgrade | Official Guidelines & Costs

LATAM is a Chile multinational airline that flies in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin, and North America. Do you want to access extra services and comfort on LATAM flights? If yes, you should move forward with the LATAM seat upgrade facility, which allows additional comfortable seating space during travel. You will get priority during check-in by choosing the higher class LATAM tickets on any renowned route. However, you can also closely observe some essential online instructions for the LATAM Airlines class upgrade.

  • Reach out LATAM Airlines official page:
  • Go through the "My Trips" tab and choose the "Manage your Trips" button.
  • You should fill out your reservation number and the passenger's last name to retrieve ticket details.
  • You can now choose the LATAM higher class after referring to the available seat map.
  • You should also make final payments with associated charges for a successful upgrade.

What are the rules for LATAM Airlines seat upgrades?

There are some rules by which LATAM flight upgrades are possible, and you can refer to them while going for any higher class. The following points describe the necessary LATAM Airlines seat upgrade Policy, and you can utilize it for a seamless travel experience. 

  • LATAM allows you to use your Elite member segments to fly in any higher class, such as Premium Economy or Premium Business class cabin, irrespective of international destinations.
  • Cabin upgrade priority depends on your Elite Category and the exact time you apply.
  • Any higher Cabin upgrades at LATAM Airlines are basically subject to availability.
  • LATAM Airlines has a strict policy regarding seat upgrades. You must apply for one from its official page only 48 hours before the actual take-off.
  • You cannot ask for a LATAM seat upgrade at the Airport as per the recent rules.
  • Also, ensure you have completed the check-in process to apply for the LATAM seat class upgrade.
  • According to policy, LATAM accepts Cabin seat upgrades even for your travel companions.

How much does it cost to upgrade seats on LATAM Airlines?

Normally, LATAM offers free seats when you purchase tickets during flight booking. However, you must pay additional service charges to upgrade your cabin class on LATAM flights. In addition, the average LATAM seat upgrade cost will vary from $110 to $350 per passenger for one-way trips. The cost of an upgrade depends primarily on Cabin types, the time of the upgrade, and other price differences.

How to get a free upgrade on LATAM?

Usually, when you choose any higher LATAM class after a confirmed reservation, you should submit the applicable amounts. However, you can still get the higher airline cabin class seats without paying any cost if you are a LATAM Pass Program member. For LATAM Airlines elite members, such as Gold, Black, Platinum, Gold Plus, and Black Signature, you can use the courtesy segments for flight cabin upgrades because they are equivalent to some cost. 

How can I contact LATAM Airlines for a seat upgrade?

To get instant support regarding the LATAM seat upgrades, directly contact the customer service agents at +1 (866) 435-9526 and share your booking code and surname on call. After listening to all the necessary details, LATAM executives will help regarding the seat upgrades from the available options over the Phone.

Is it cheaper to upgrade Airline seats at the Airport or online?

Online Upgrades are always cheaper than updates at the Airport. Also, LATAM Airlines always suggests that interested passengers should use the online process for seat upgrades instead of last-minute upgrades at the Airport. But, you must know the online procedures and have good connectivity for LATAM upgrades.
Thus, as per the airline's policy, LATAM Cabin upgrades are possible using the elite courtesy segments or a service cost.

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