How to Book Etihad Airways Business Class?

Fly Business Class with Etihad Airways- Quick Guide

To travel by business class, you have to make the selection while making a reservation, and in case you are unaware of the process of booking business class on Etihad, then use the points mentioned below. 

  • Search for the official Etihad Airways website
  • After that, tap on the new bookings page 
  • Now must fill out the booking details such as travel dates, number of passengers, contact information, etc
  • Then, provide the information of departure and destination airport, and then from the section travel class, choose business class and save the information
  • After that, pay the booking amount and confirm the bookings. 

How much does it cost for a business class ticket on Etihad airways?

The cost to travel on Etihad business class will vary as per the destination and season, but still, if you are looking to make a round trip, then you have to in between 4200 USD to 5000 USD. 

What are the Benefits of Etihad Business class?

  • Customers traveling in Business class have the allowance of carrying three checked bags with two carry-on bags. 
  • You will receive the TV screen in the form of your seat, you have to put on your headset, and you will able to enjoy on-demand shows, plenty of channels, etc.
  • You will get an adjustable headrest, a height of comfort and space; the seat can turn into a 180-degree fully flat bed, etc, which will help you when you have long-haul route flights.  

Comparision between Etihad Airways business class vs first class 

There are different classes available on Etihad Airways. Still, most of the passengers get confused between business and first class as they think that the services in those classes are the same, but each class provides different services and facilities to the customers. In case there are any customers you do not have information about, then they can go through below.

Business class: 

  • While selecting the business class, you will get comfortable seats that can be turned into a fully flat bed, and this seat type has lots of reclining and generous legroom
  • Business class travelers have to make the check-in via counters, kiosk machines, online options, etc 
  • You will get complimentary wifi access with unlimited data so you can enjoy and watch TV shows, movies, etc.


  • While making the selection of First class seat type, you will get the benefit of fully covering your private suite in which the entertainment screen and many other services are available. 
  • First-class customers have the option of priority boarding, and they can easily avoid the long queues at the airport. 

How do I contact Eithad airways customer service?

The hassle-free option to communicate with Etihad Airways customer service is by using their contact number. , you can make a call to this 18776900767 / +1-802-302-5021 (OTA), and your call will transferred to the executive. 

Does Etihad Airways have good business class? 

Yes, Etihad Airways has good business, and this seating option will help most of those customers who are looking to travel on long-haul route flights. Traveling on business calls, you will get the facility of a bed, extra baggage allowance, entertainment screen, etc, which will make your travel more comfortable. 

Does Etihad Business Class have flat beds?

Yes, Etihad Airways business class has the facility of flat beds so you can lie down comfortably and enjoy the trip. Basically, in business class, there is a broader seat that can be converted into a 180-degree flatbed. But the bed facility will vary as per the destination as you will get the bed facility only if you have longer flights.

Does Etihad Business Class have lounge access?

Yes, Etihad Business Class has lounge access where you can enjoy meals and beverages; the lounge facility will help you the most when your flight is delayed. 

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