How Can I contact Asiana Airlines?

Do you need help making the reservation? Reaching the Asiana Airlines customer service is the best option to be used. Contacting can be done in different ways, and here in this part of the page, you will learn various ways to contact Asiana Airlines quickly and efficiently. 

Ways to contact Asiana Airlines:

To get help and support, one can easily find the expert and ask for their assistance. If you want a response from Asiana Airlines customer service, then you need to use these methods and contact Asiana Airlines. 

Contact via live chat: This process makes contacting easy. You will chat with Asiana Airlines customer service, and you will find the answer to all your questions quickly. If you want to start your live chat, then kindly follow the below steps.

  • To start your live chat, please browse the official website of Asiana Airlines.
  • You will see the homepage, reach the Contact Us page, and choose the live chat icon.
  • Follow the chat steps prompted on the screen, and ask your question.
  • Get an instant response from the virtual chat assistant. 

Send a response using the Complaint form: Suppose you want to make a complaint. Then, you can find the complaint form on the Contact Us page, and you will find the complaint form. As you submit it, your response is sent, and the support team will review it and send you a revert accordingly. Go to by browsing over the internet and then find a customer service option to jump to the help page. Select the Leave Us Comment button, and a form page will appear. As you provide the details and share your thoughts, your form will be submitted as you tap on the send button. 

Send Them Fax: There is another way to send your concerns to Asaina Airlines, and here, you will be using the fax method. This may sound old, but you will get a response from the support team. Send all your requests or issues by faxing at +1 213 380 1710. Please mention your contact details in your fax so the airline will contact you back. 

Reach the office: One can reach the Asiana Airlines office and meet with the executive. To plan your visit, kindly reach at 3530 Wilshire Blvd. STE 1700, Los Angeles, CA 90010. It would be good if you informed the airline about your purpose of visiting early to save your time and make the process fast. 

How to call Asiana Airlines?

Here, the customer support agent can be connected over the phone call using the Asian Airlines phone number, and you will be following the standard steps. Once you speak to the agent, they will resolve your issues by processing your request. If you want to talk to the representative then kindly go through the below given steps.

  • Use 1 800 227 4262 and dial to connect with the Asiana airline's hotline.
  • Here, you'll be talking to the agent once you go through the instructions the automatic system gives. 
  • You will use the number pad to get to the agent by pressing the button.

Can I talk to Asiana agent anytime within 24 hours?

No. Unfortunately, one can only able to get support from Asiana Airlines through a phone call between thier business hours. Asiana Airlines representatives are not available all day hours; instead of, their customer service hours start from seven to midnight as per PST. Weekends and public holidays are off, and you may not find them on call. 


To conclude the above article, you have understood different methods to contact the Asiana Airlines and resolve all your issues by connecting with the live representative.  

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