How Do I Contact Iberia Customer Service?

Iberia Airlines Contact Details & Guides

Iberia Air, the flagship carrier of Spain, offers attractive deals and discounts for booking your flight tickets. Their dedicated customer service team is renowned for providing exceptional guidance to manage your bookings efficiently. They utilize various communication channels to assist you promptly and effectively.

How do I get through to Iberia customer service? 

Contact via call: To seek assistance from Iberia Airlines, you can contact their phone helpline at +1 800 772 4642. Upon dialing, a dedicated agent will be assigned to guide you and address all your queries. Make sure to articulate relevant questions about various services offered by Iberia so that the agent can comprehensively address your concerns and provide instant answers.
Contact through online chat: In the situation when the phone call service is not working, you can use the live chat assistance on the Iberia airline website or on its mobile application to get virtual assistance:

  • Visit the official homepage of Iberia Airline.
  • Then, go to "Contact Iberia" and move to another page.
  • After that, select the live chat option and open the inbox.
  • You can type your questions or concerns in it.
  • Get a quick reply from the airline agent.

Contact via social media: You can follow the official pages of Iberia Airline, which are available on the airline website of different social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Through social media, you can send a DM to the airline.

Contact via WhatsApp: You can save this number -  +34 676 67 60 04 in your device or can also scan the QR code on WhatsApp to connect the Whatsapp app with the Iberia chatbot for resolving reservation-related queries.

Is Iberia Customer Service Available For 24 Hours? 

Whoever passenger is calling at this phone number -  +1 800 772 4642 can speak to the airline customer support agent anytime during the whole day as the customer service centers of Iberia Airline are open 24 hours from Monday through Sunday. You can call this phone number to communicate in Spanish and English will the airline representative. Iberia provides 24-hour assistance through chat.

What is the phone number for Iberia Israel?

If a person from Israel wants to connect with the Iberia Customer Service over the phone call can use this phone number - +972 3 375 16 77 to speak with the support agent in Israel. This phone number of Iberia in Israel is available from 9 a5 pm17 pm on Sunday to Thursday. By calling at this phone number, you can make new bookings, manage your flight ticket, include additional services, cancel your ticket, and more with your journey with Iberia flights.

Does Iberia have a customer service email? 

Passengers who want to inquire about their booked package through holidays regarding hotels, flights, and cars or want to make a booking can send their query to this email at -

How do I complain to Iberia for refund? 

You can directly contact the Iberia customer service department over the phone or submit the claim form provided on the airline website. You can claim a refund for the cancellation by the Iberia Airline itself. You can find this webform on the contact page wherein you will need to enter your reservation details and submit the claim form, and your refund request will get approved soon.

Who can I contact to recover an item left? 

If you have lost item at the airport, then you can contact the lost and found help desk at the airport to meet the officials to recover a lost item, or if you lost it in the flight, then contact the airline customer service.

Final Words

By using the data provided above, passengers will learn to connect with the Iberia customer support department, which they can use to manage their reservations.

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