How to manage booking with KLM Airlines?

How Can I Manage My KLM Airlines Booking?

KLM Airlines is one of those airlines that enable ticket holders to make desired modifications to their tickets and also leads them to add additional services. Travelers can make use of Klm manage booking options to make changes to their reservations. If you have also booked a ticket to any destination and wish to reschedule, you can use the online straightforward steps and make changes accordingly.

The process to manage your KLM Airlines booking:

Customers can refer to the following straightforward points to make modifications to their already reserved KLM Airlines tickets:

  • Go to the website of KLM Airlines.
  • Select the option of “My trips” from the top of the menu bar.
  • Now customers must log into their existing KLM Airlines account using the “flying blue” email and password.
  • Once they enter their account, they must select the ticket they want to change.
  • Finally, customers can make the modifications required.
  • Click on the save button, and finally, they will get changes made messages on their linked mobile numbers.

What We Can Do With Manage Booking?

Suppose you have never used the "manage-booking" facility of KLM Airlines, and you are wondering what can be done using this facility. In that case, you are eligible to make the following changes to your tickets:

  • You can make the name changes to your tickets
  • Flights can be rescheduled.
  • Flights can be canceled, or refunds can be claimed.
  • Travelers can add additional-bags
  • They can request special-assistance
  • You can get information regarding KLM Airlines policies.
  • They can select seats or upgrade their traveling-classes
  • Check-in can be done via "manage-booking."
  • Boarding passes can be downloaded etc.

How do I find my KLM booking number?

Sometimes there are many travelers who, after making KLM Airlines flight booking, lose their confirmation email and search for the process to find their booking number essential for the check-in process. These travelers can use the “klm manage my trip” option to find their booking number. For this, they can either login into their already existing account using their linked email address and password and go to the “My-trips” section and find their flight booking number, or they can directly call customer services by dialing the official phone number: 1 (800) 618-0104, and collect the required information.

What is the PNR number on the KLM flight?

Many travelers need more information regarding the PNR number of KLM Airlines. These customers must note that once they make flight bookings, KLM generally provides unique codes to the ticket holders. This PNR number is essential for check-in purposes.


What payment methods does KLM accept?

KLM Airlines is an alliance of SkyTeam with an extensive traveling route. Further, when you plan to travel with the airline, you can pay through various modes. Further, those are as such:-

  • Credit card
  • Online banking
  • E-wallet
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash and PIN payment

Do I need a KLM account to manage my booking?

You may not need a KLM Airlines account to manage your booking. When you have to change the itinerary via Klm manage booking, you only need information such as “ booking reference number” with first and last name and select “Log in with booking details.”

Can I change my flight date via KLM Manage Booking?

Yes, you can change your flight date via KLM manage booking. So, to “manage a booking” from KLM Airlines, you can implement many changes, including a date. But you may have to share the reservation number with the last name and pay the change fees.

How do I select my seat using KLM Manage Booking?

KLM Airlines offers an advanced seat selection. So that you can choose a preferred one to carry out the journey as per your requirements. Further, the clues to choose a seat via manage booking are raised at the bottom:-

  • Head to the site of KLM Airlines
  • Then after, choose my trip options
  • Further, enter your booking code with your last name.
  • Now, choose a seat option and then pick one from the seat map
  • Then, make the payment and click on the confirm options.

How can I contact KLM customer service?

KLM could be considered as the utmost airline complied with distinct traveling benefits. Further, customer service is essential because it offers aid and information about the issues.

  • Make a call on this number 1800 419 3044.
  • Use a chat mode to write issues


Travelers can use the facility of KLM Airlines manage booking option to add several services or to rectify their tickets. Once they make a reservation, they will be provided a PNR number that can be obtained from the mailboxes of their devices and can be used to find bookings and make further changes.

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