How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Korean Air?

Guidance on Korean Air Upgrade, Policy, Process & Fee

Korean Air stands out as a premier airline in South Korea, renowned for its seamless services that enhance the comfort of travelers throughout their journey. The airline offers the convenience of selecting seats during both ticket purchase and check-in. Seat upgrades with Korean Air are readily available for those seeking an even more luxurious and pleasant travel experience. Whether opting for an upgrade during ticket purchase or after, passengers have the flexibility to enhance their journey. Continue reading for comprehensive details on upgrading your seat with Korean Air:

Upgrading at the time of purchase: 

For those looking to upgrade their seat After purchase, simply navigate to the official Korean Air website. Once there, follow the steps outlined below for a seamless process:

  • Navigate through the website of Korean Airlines. 
  • Go to the option Book followed by Book Flights. 
  • Fill in all the credentials to start the process. 
  • Now, choose Purchase and Upgrade. 
  • Select your flight to upgrade. 
  • Submit passengers details. 
  • For the payment, use Mileage, credit card, or others. 
  • After payment, your e-ticket will be shared via email.  

Upgrading after the purchase: 

  • Go to the Find My Trips option. 
  • Search for the Seat upgrade and Mileage deduction. 
  • Fill out all the credentials here. 
  • You are allowed to use Mileage for upgrading. 
  • Complete the process; your ticket will be upgraded. 

How much does it cost to upgrade Korean Air flight seats? 

The cost to upgrade Korean Air flight seats depends on the origin of arrival and seasons as well. Points have been mentioned here: 
Flying from Europe/North America in the off-peak season, I will have to pay 40K miles for the upgrade. Meanwhile, in peak season, it will cost you 60K miles. 
From Northeast Asia/Japan/China will cost you 10K in the off-peak season. However, in peak season, you need to pay 15K miles for the upgrade.

What is Korean Air Seat Upgrade Policy?  

Follow the steps to learn about the korean air seat upgrade policy: 

  • If you have purchased an Economy Flex or Prestige Plus/Flex Fare ticket, then you are allowed to get an upgrade.  
  • To request an upgrade, you need to pay upgrading charges to the airlines. 
  • The upgrade depends on the availability of the desired seat. 

How can I get a free upgrade on Korean Air?

Some of the points have been mentioned below that will let you know in what condition you can get a free upgrade on Korean Air: 

  • At the time of check-in you can ask the customer service executive for a free upgrade. 
  • If you are a regular flyer of the airlines, airlines may provide you the facility for a free upgrade. 
  • To get a free upgrade, you can use the miles. 

How many miles to upgrade to business class on Korean Air? 

Upgrading can enhance your overall journey experience. If you want to upgrade to business class on Korean Air using miles, then you can quickly get the upgrade. You will need approximately 25k miles to 105k miles points, depending upon the origin of the arrival of the flight.  

How do I contact Korean Airlines for a seat upgrade? 

To get a seat upgrade from Korean Airlines, you can dial the helpline number. Use the helpline number 1 (800) 438-5000 to get in touch with Korean Airlines. The customer service agent will help you in upgrading the flight ticket. 

Is it cheaper to upgrade seats later? 

In a case where you are upgrading your seats prior or in advance, then you may have to pay little charges. But if you are thinking of upgrading your seats later, it will cost you more. Which means it is not cheaper to upgrade seats later. 

Final Words

To upgrade your seat with Korean Airlines, you need to follow a few procedures that will help you out. The customer service of Korean Airlines works throughout the day to provide you with the required help. 

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