How Do I Speak to Someone at Avianca? 

Avianca Airlines Phone Number- Customer Support

While making a reservation with Avianca, you can contact the airline anytime if you get stuck or have any other issues. There are various ways to speak to someone at Avianca; call the Avianca Airlines Phone Number at 1 800 284 2622 for immediate response. The phone call is as follows: follow it to avoid any inconvenience. 

  • Dial the Avianca Airlines customer service number 1 800 284 2622
  • Choose the desired phone language you understand and follow the IVR menu commands
  • Select a topic your call is related to and press the associated key 
  • Choose further options and follow them to speak with a live agent 
  • Once the live agent is available, talk to them about your problem and get them solved 

Other ways to speak to talk to someone at Avianca 

Chat support: You can chat with the Avianca live agent on the website and get help with all common issues. To chat: 

  • Go to the Avianca website and open the 'Contact Us' section
  • Scroll down and look for the chat option to share your issues 
  • Type 'Hi' to initiate chat, or you can write the message directly 
  • Follow the commands, and you will get some automated instructions 
  • Type 'Live agent' and answer some questions to begin a live chat session 

Social Media: You can also contact Avianca through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This is one of the most convenient options for sending a message to the airline directly and getting an answer in 1- 2 hours. To contact Avianca through social media, you can use links on the website and log in to your account. Then, use the message button to share your message with the team directly. 

Does Avianca have 24-hour customer service? 

Yes! Avianca has 24-hour customer service if you need to speak with its agent and get solutions on various issues related to booking, check-in, baggage, or any general query. Besides, all the departments have specific working hours; visit the official Avianca website for more details. 

What is Avianca email address? 

You can email the Avianca team anytime if you need to share any complaints, feedback, concerns, suggestions, etc. To email Avianca, use its email address To begin emailing, you can compose it by accessing your regular email account. Once it is ready, please share it with the Avianca official email ID, and someone from the Avianca team will share a reply soon. Usually, the response takes 24-48 hours; it can be less or more based on your concern. 

Where is Avianca Airlines main office? 

The headquarters of Avianca is in Columbia, and the main office is in Barranquilla. 


By reading the details in the article, you can quickly contact Avianca Airlines customer service. Besides, hopefully, you understood where the Avianca main office is, its email address, and other details. For more information or if you still have any queries, visit the Avianca official website, and you can explore several details. If you are a member at Avianca, log in to your account and get personalized support.

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