Thai Airways Business Class Upgrade Policy

Thai Airways Business Class Upgrade Guide

When you need an upgrade to Business Class for the tickets you booked with Thai Airways, you must be aware of the upgrade policy that needs to be in mind before you upgrade. All the terms and conditions are mentioned below:

  • If you want to save yourself from paying the ticket upgrade charges at Thai Airways, then you need to upgrade your ticket within 24 hours of purchase.
  • As soon as you do the Thai Airways Business Class Upgrade, you can enjoy upgraded facilities such as better food choices, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in and boarding, seat selection, seats with extra legroom, etc.
  • You cannot do the seat selection while upgrading the tickets.
  • The Airline will allow you to upgrade before check-in, 3 hours before the scheduled flights, and even when you have boarded the flight, depending on availability.
  • You can choose the auto-upgrade at the time of reservation; your flight will be upgraded as soon as it is available.
  • If the upgrade is taking place at the last minute, you have to pay the higher charges or the same and the fare difference if applicable.
  • If you are a member of the Royal Orchid Plus, the Frequent Flyer Program of the Airline, then you can upgrade your seat to business class anytime and will receive a concession as well.
  • If you have collected a good amount of coupons and vouchers from your previous journeys with the Airline, then you can use them to reduce ticket upgrade costs.

How do I Upgrade my seat on Thai Airways?

To upgrade seats with Thai Airways, you just need to dial 66(0)-2356-1111 and ask the executive to upgrade your flights. You can also follow the steps mentioned below to upgrade tickets online:

  • Visit the official website of Thai Airways.
  • Click on My Booking from the options given on the homepage.
  • Enter your reservation number and the passenger’s last name, and click on Find Booking.
  • Open the Menu at the right side of the page and pick Seat Upgrade from the Menu.
  • Follow the instructions and upgrade your seat.
  • After the procedure is completed, new tickets will be sent via email.

What Charges do I need to pay for a seat upgrade on Thai Airways?

Thai Airways has different upgrade charges for different classes, which also depend on the route, distance, ticket type, and the time of upgrade. However, the charges range from $100 to $300. 

Can I request a seat upgrade at the airport counter on Thai Airways?

Suppose you have been looking for the upgrade for so long but could not do it because of unavailability. In that case, you can get to the helpdesk of Thai Airways at the Airport and ask the executive to upgrade your flight ticket if available. 

How do I Upgrade my seat on Thai Airways for free?

If you want to avoid paying for the upgrade changes with Thai Airways, you should upgrade the ticket within 24 hours. You can also use your collected coupons and vouchers. If you hold a special status at the Airline, then you can get some concessions and might get a free upgrade with Thai Airways.

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