Policies of American Airlines Group Travel

What are the policies of American Airlines group booking?

Suppose the passenger wants to create a group booking but wants to know about the airline group policies. They can read the given information carefully-

  • The airline allows passengers to book 10 people in a group.
  • If you want to change the itinerary of 1 person, it is impossible, and you have to do the change itinerary for all the people.
  • If you need help during or before the travel, you can contact the airline representative and acquire all the details.

Note:- When you reserve your flight in a group, you must provide your official identity at the time of reservation.

How do I book a flight for a group of people?

Imagine airline passengers wanting to book a flight for a group of people; they can communicate with the airline representative and acquire all the details. Passengers require the helpline number of the airline, and they can follow the given procedure carefully-

  • Open the web page of American Airlines.
  • Search for the contact option.
  • Click on the phone icon option.
  • Choose the phone number according to your preference.
  • For group booking, please use this phone number-800-433-1790.
  • Follow the voice prompts and press the command according to the query.
  • Speak with the representative to create the group booking.
  • The representative will require some details from you; kindly provide them.
  • Wait a few seconds, and they will provide the quotation.
  • Negotiate with them and get a final price; after that, they will create your booking and provide you with the confirmation with the registered credentials.

What is the advantage of group booking?

When a passenger wants to create an American Airlines group booking and wants to know about the airline's advantages. There are many advantages of a group booking; here are some-
Passengers can make the group booking, and the airline allows them to make any modification within 48 hours of their travel departure.
The airline allows passengers to edit their names up to three characters, but they need to provide valid proof to the airline, and they can change it without paying penalty charges.

How many people do you need to get a group flight discount?

When you require a discount on a group booking, you should have 10 people in a group and get the discount from the airline. To acquire more information about the group booking, you can directly speak with customer support and acquire the details from the airline representative.

How much discount do you get for group travel?

The airline provides a 50-70% discount on the flight for group travel. It will also depend on what season you are traveling. For more details, kindly visit the web page and acquire the information quickly.


To acquire information about American Airlines group travel, you can speak with customer support or check the information on the official website.

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