How to Choose or Change Seat on American Airlines

Policies of American Airlines Seat Selection

The seat selection policy of every airline is almost similar but not identical. Every passenger who is traveling with American Airlines and wants to book their desired seat must know American Airlines seat selection policies to avoid confusion. The seat selection policy of American Airlines is as follows:

  • Passengers must select their seats before check-in.
  • The airline has the right to change seats for operational and security reasons.
  • Minors, pregnant ladies, and old-aged people are advised to select seats at the airport's check-in counter.
  • The airlines try to ensure you get your chosen seat but don't guarantee it.
  • If a passenger sits in a seat different from his/her, they will be asked to move.

How do I pick my seat on American Airlines?

Passengers can select their seats on American Airlines at various stages, such as, at the time of booking the flight, through My Trips, and at the check-in counter. If you want to secure your seat, then you should book your seat while booking your flight. If you want to save money, ask the check-in staff to assign you a seat.

The steps to book your seat online through the official website of American Airlines are as follows:

  • Make sure to open the official website of American Airlines.
  • Click on My Trips.
  • Find your reservation using your last name and booking reference.
  • Select your flight, and click on the Seat Selection option.
  • View the seat map and look for available seats.
  • Select your desired seat and click on confirm.
  • Pay the seat selection fees.
  • You will receive your boarding pass, where you will be allotted your selected seat.

How can I contact American Airlines for seat selection?

 The seat selection on American Airlines could be a complicated and tricky process. So, when you do not wish to be involved in those entangled steps, then you can connect with the Airkine customer service team over a call. For that, you can dial 1 (800) 433 7300.

Cost of seat selection at American Airlines

The seat selection cost at American Airlines depends on the class of travel, the flight route, and the seat type. Passengers can view the seat map when booking their flight to check the exact American Airlines seat selection fee.

  • The general seat selection fees on American Airlines can range from $9 to $160.
  • If a passenger books their seat at the time of booking their seat and selects the middle seat, then they need to pay $9 to $15. The middle seats are the cheapest seat.
  • Window and aisle seats can be a little expensive and range around $30 to $45 in Economy class.
  • Extra Leg seats are the most expensive and can cost about $160.

What are the different levels of seating on American Airlines?

On American Airlines, seating arrangements are classified into levels per their feature. So, you can pick one that fits your budget or is compatible with your budget. Moreover, the seats are standard preferred, with extra legroom and flat seats. Further, these are categories as per their cabins, and those levels can be discovered from the bottom points:-

  • First 
  • Business 
  • Premium Economy
  • Main Cabin Extra 
  • Main Cabin
  • Basic Economy.

How do you check the available American seats?

American Airlines permits the pick of a vacant seat. On the other hand, certain categories might be reserved for some, and if you do not fall into any of those, you might not be able to pick one. However, you can check the availability of those seats by managing bookings, and the guide that can take you there is as follows:-

  • Get to the American Airlines official site 
  • Further, click on the My Trip icon 
  • Later, enter your booking reference number with the surname
  • Now, click on the seat icon and check out the map
  • There, you can see occupied and vacant seats. 
  • So, the required one is to follow the procedure ahead. 

Why can't I select seats for my flight?

American Airlines withholds some seats on the aircraft until the day of flight departure to allow the airport personnel to accommodate passenger needs. If you are unable to book your seat on American Airlines, then wait till the day of departure and try booking your seat. The seats generally become available on the day of departure. If you still can't book your seat, the airline's check-in staff will assign you a seat at the check-in desk. Request them to assign your desired seat; if available, they will happily assign you your favorite seat.


Q1. How far in advance can I choose a seat on American Airlines?

Traveling with American Airlines can be convenient because of the comfortable seats. But the seats are subject to availability and serve on the principle of first come, first served. So, to avoid any last-minute complications, then you can choose your seat in advance. Moreover, you get to purchase a ticket at least 10 months before choosing a seat by that period. Further, the seat selection period could differ per the flight routes. Thus, when you purchase a ticket, you can add a seat to your itinerary. 

Q2. Why can't I check in without seat selection?

In some airlines, seat selection is mandatory to proceed with the check-in process. And it is also the last stage to self-select your desired seat. After check-in, passengers can not select their seats.

Q3. How can I select my seat without paying an extra fee?

If you don't want to pay any extra fee for selecting your seat, you should select your seat at the check-in counter. The staff at the check-in counter assigns the seats to the passengers who still need to select their seats free of cost.

Q4. What to do if you don't have an assigned seat?

Passengers without a seat can self-check-in and get their desired seat. If a passenger has surpassed all the stages to select a seat, the airline's staff will automatically assign them a seat at the check-in counter.

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