How do I choose a seat on Delta Airlines?

How to Pick a Seat on Delta Airlines?

Want to book seats on Delta Airlines to explore the journey on the flight by choosing your preferred seats? For this, you look to make Delta seat selection easily, and it is a must to have sufficient knowledge about the policy. However, Delta Air Lines offers various seat selection options for passengers, depending on their fare type, SkyMiles status, and the type of seat they want. So, Delta's seat selection policy essential points must be read.

  • Passengers can choose their seats while booking, during online check-in (usually available 24 hours before departure), or by contacting Delta anytime after booking.
  • Some seats may be unavailable for selection due to operational reasons or safety requirements.
  • Basic Economy tickets are the most restricted fare type and do not allow for advance seat selection.
  • Seats for Basic Economy passengers will be assigned randomly after check-in.
  • Passengers can purchase a specific seat starting seven days before departure for a fee.
  • Delta Comfort+ seats offer more legroom and recline than standard economy seats.
  • SkyMiles Members can use miles to purchase Preferred Seats.
  • Medallion Members (Delta's elite status program) have priority access to complimentary upgrades to Preferred Seats.
  • First Class and Delta One passengers can choose any seat within their cabin for free.
  • These spacious seats include amenities such as priority boarding, dedicated flight attendants, and premium snacks and meals.
  • Only passengers satisfied with their assigned seat can request a change at the gate before boarding.
  • Passengers who have purchased a specific seat will be refunded if reassigned to a less desirable seat.

How do I Select My Seat on Delta Airlines? 

There are two main ways to select your seat on Delta Airlines: online and at the airport check-in counter.

Online Seat Selection

  • Visit the Delta Airlines website or open the Delta mobile app.
  • Click on "Manage My Trips".
  • Enter your booking confirmation number and last name.
  • Select your flight.
  • Click on "Choose Seats".
  • Choose your favorite seat from the available options.
  • Click on "Confirm".

Call the customer service for seat selection

Dial Delta Airlines Phone Number 800-221-1212, and when the call connects, request seat selection and share the ticket details or your preference; after that, confirm seat booking by paying its charges. 

Seat Selection at the Airport Check-in Counter

  • Go to the Delta Airlines check-in counter at the airport.
  • Present your boarding pass to the agent.
  • Request a seat assignment.
  • The agent will assign you a seat based on availability.

How much is seat selection on Delta's basic economy? 

The cost of seat selection on Delta Basic Economy varies depending on the route and the time of purchase. It costs from USD 29 to USD 75.

Is it worth it to pay for seat selection? 

Yes, paying for seat selection on Delta Basic Economy is worth it, which depends on your individual preferences. 

How do I avoid paying for seat selection? 

Several strategies can help you avoid paying for seat selection:

  • Book with airlines that offer free seat selection: Some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Alaska Airlines, typically include seat selection in the base fare, eliminating the need for additional fees. Consider choosing these airlines if seat selection is important to you.
  • Check-in online as soon as possible: Many airlines allow travelers to check in 24 hours before departure. Checking in early increases your chances of getting a desirable seat assignment without paying a fee.
  • Wait until airport check-in: If you're willing to take a chance, you can wait until airport check-in to see if any unassigned seats are available. This approach is riskier, as you may not get your preferred seat, but it can save you money if you're flexible.
  • Join airline loyalty programs: Airline loyalty programs often offer perks like complimentary seat selection. If you fly frequently, consider joining the loyalty program of your preferred airline to reap the benefits.
  • Contact the airline directly: If you have specific seat requirements or preferences, you can try contacting the airline directly to see if they can accommodate your needs without charging a fee.

What happens if you don't select a seat while booking? 

If you don't select a seat while booking a flight, the airline will typically assign you a seat at check-in. It means that,

  • You may not get your preferred seat, such as a window or aisle seat. You may also be seated in a middle seat, which is less desirable for many people.
  • Sometimes, the airline may also allow you to select a seat at check-in for free. However, this is only sometimes guaranteed, and you may still have to pay a fee to choose a specific seat.


How much does Delta charge for seat selection? 

Delta Airlines charges an average of $ 15 to select a preferred seat for a comfortable flight journey. However, the prices may vary for Delta Seat Selection due to the fare, destination, and flight schedule. So, the exact seat rates for your chosen seat can be confirmed when you make a reservation. 

How long before a flight can you choose a seat? 

Passengers can choose their preferred seat till they check-in for the flight. However, it is suggested that you choose your seat while buying a ticket because the airline follows a first-come-first-serve basis policy. 

How does seat selection work on Delta? 

Passengers need to visit the website and search for the flight. When booking a flight, click on the seat selection option and select the seat from the seat map to check the availability of the seats. If the seat is labeled as “occupied,” it indicates that other flyers have already selected that seat. Furthermore, the airline permits passengers to change their preferred seats via Manage Trips or when checking in for the flight.

Who gets seated first on Delta?

Mostly, boarding flight orders start with active US. Military and travelers required assistance. After that, the priority is given to Delta One and First Class flyers to board the flight. Following that, Diamond Medallion members and Premium Cabin ticket holders are given importance, respectively. Then, chosen passengers and people made bookings with strollers or car seats. 

To conclude, if passengers have any issues throughout the process of choosing a seat, They can speak with agents via Delta Airlines Phone Number 1 (800) 221-1212 for assistance. 

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