Delta Airlines- Ticket Hold Policies & Fees

Delta Airlines Ticket Hold Rules & Restrictions

Suppose you have to travel to your desired destination, and you head to make a reservation online, but due to upcoming deals, you need to hold on to the trip as you will, after a while, book the remaining itinerary. So, a ticket held for a day or so is concluded to be a Delta hold flight, and you can opt for this option when purchasing an online ticket and while you book a ticket by calling the Delta airline agent. For Delta tickets, the time limit is 24 hours. However, before heading withhold for the unconfirmed tickets, you must read the hold policies for Delta Airlines, as mentioned below.

Delta Flight Reservation Hold Policy:

Before you choose the option of Delta ticket flight hold, you need to understand the information about the policies, which will guide you best in several ways.

  • As a Delta airline traveler, you need to have access to SkyMiles to hold the reservation.
  • On Delta Airlines, passengers can only use the 24-hour hold ticket option.
  • If, in any case, your ticket is unconfirmed under the hold ticket time, then it will get automatically canceled.
  • If you have an award ticket, then the hold time duration will be 3 hours
  • To hold a ticket offline with Delta Airlines, use the official contact number and contact the agent.

How to hold your flight tickets on Delta Airlines?

The procedures to delta hold reservations are simple and easy to perform online as well as offline. But to learn the steps for both ways, you need to read the method, and you get assisted accordingly.

Method 1. Hold Delta flight ticket online:

  • Visit Delta Airlines' official website by preferred browser.
  • Login to your account with the appropriate credentials
  • Now tap the book icon and fill out the form by origin and destination, class, number of passengers, departure and arrival dates, and flexible date.
  • Click on the search button and select the appropriate flight ticket.
  • Next, provide contact details for the passenger, such as phone number, full name, email address, etc.
  • While you go to the payment page, choose the hold ticket option with the existing fare cost.
  • From tapping this option, your ticket gets on hold, and you will receive a confirmation email directly from the reservation center.

Method 2. Request Delta hold by phone:

If you want to hold a ticket and you want to use online steps but cannot proceed with it, then the best option you left is to call the customer service agent by dialing 1-800-221-1212, and you can experience an appropriate set of assistance.

How long is the hold for Delta?

The hold for Delta Airlines on to your ticket is entitled to be of 24 hours, and within the given time, if you cannot proceed to complete the buying of the ticket, then the only thing that will happen is your Delta hold ticket will get null-n-void, and you have to process the same steps online again.

However, with the help of reading the above section, you might have concluded all about the hold ticket online and offline procedures and simultaneously gathered details for the hold policies.

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