What is American Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy?

American Airlines - Seat Upgrading Rules

American Airlines allows flyers to upgrade their seat if they booked a basic ticket at the time of reservation. Passengers who are looking to upgrade their flight need to follow the American Airlines seat upgrade Policy: 

  • Upgrades are only possible when flights are operated or marketed by American Airlines. 
  • Basic fare passengers can also apply for the business and first-class cabin. 
  • When two elite members have the same status and request the same upgrade, the airline will consider the Loyalty Points earned in the past 12 months. For additional tiebreakers, the airline considers the booking fare class and date/ time to upgrade the request. 
  • When the upgrade isn’t confirmed during check-in, flyers are automatically added to the upgrade standby list. 
  • The new boarding pass is issued if the flight is upgraded via systemwide reservation. 
  • Miles are required if you plan to choose a higher fare after reservation. But cash can be used when you don’t have enough miles. 

Types of American Airlines Upgrades 

Advantage frequent flyer elite members are offered with complimentary upgrades. All passengers with AAdvantage miles can easily upgrade their flights when the space is available. 

Complimentary Upgrades

Generally, AA Advantage elite passengers receive complimentary upgrades on flights within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Moreover, the upgrades include one companion on the same flight. 

Systemwide Upgrades

You can book a higher cabin from Basic Economy or Main Cabin to Business Class or from Business Class to First Class. Upgrades are selected annually as part of the Loyalty Point Rewards system, starting at 175,000 Loyalty Points. 

Mileage Upgrade Awards 

Passengers can use the miles to change the cabin to a higher cabin. Moreover, you can use the combination of miles and cash to secure an upgrade. 

Upgrade Priority: Who Gets the Upgrade First? 

American Airlines seat upgrade hierarchy is mentioned here: 

Elite Status Level: Highest to Lowest 

  • ConciergeKey (UPG1)
  • Executive Platinum (UPG2)
  • Platinum Pro (UPG3)
  • Platinum (UPG4)
  • Gold (UPG5)

Upgrade Type: Highest Priority to Lowest Priority 

  • Systemwide upgrades: listed as the most important 
  • Complimentary upgrades: formerly 500-mile upgrades on purchased tickets
  • Complimentary upgrades: formerly 500-mile upgrades on award tickets (only for ConciergeKey and Executive Platinum)
  • 12-month Rolling Loyalty Points: based on the loyalty points earned by elite members in 12 months. 

How to upgrade American Airlines flight seats? 

Passengers can apply for a higher cabin online by following the simple instructions shared below: 

  • Log in to aa.com.
  • Check the Systemwide upgrades available in your account. 
  • Call your AAdvantage status for upgrade confirmation. Miles will be deducted from your balance if an upgrade is available. 
  • If the upgrade result isn’t available, the waitlist request will be confirmed in the order: Status level, Upgrade type, and 12-month Rolling Loyalty Points. 

How much is an upgrade cost on American Airlines? 

American Airlines needs to pay around 15,000 AAdvantage miles with an additional $ 75 to upgrade the flight from discount economy to first class within the contiguous US, Alaska, and Canada. Passengers must pay up to 5,000 miles from total fare economy to first class. Suppose you need to upgrade from a discounted business cabin to a first cabin. Passengers will be charged not less than 15,000 miles plus $ 75. For full fare, it would be around 15,000 miles. 

How do I pay to upgrade my seat on American Airlines? 

Upgrade is the subject matter of seat availability. Seat upgrading payment can be done in miles. If you don’t have enough miles, flyers can use the combination of miles and cash. 

Can you upgrade seats on American after purchase? 

Flyers can apply for the higher fare to first and business class even if they booked an economy ticket. Upgrade depends on availability, and costs vary on ticket type and distance. Passengers for systemwide upgrades for existing reservations can call their AAdvantage desk number. 

Can you upgrade to an economy seat on American Airlines? 

The airline doesn’t stop cheap fare to upgrade the flight. So, basic economy fares passengers can also apply for upgrades if they have AAdvantage elite status. However, upgrades aren’t allowed for award tickets, government and military fares, and codeshare flights. 

Can I ask the airline to upgrade my seat? 

When a seat is available, passengers can ask for a more comfortable seat. After making the reservation, you get the boarding pass; flyers can connect with a live representative at the airport or via phone. 

American Airlines phone number is 1 (800) 433-7300 for support. The airline will resolve your concerns immediately. The helpline is accessible 24 hours a day to guide you. 

Is it better to upgrade seats at the airport?

Upgrading a seat at the airport is equally convenient. In the case of the airport, you will find empty seats in Business Class during the off-season as a cost-effective option. In case of the peak season, it is suggested to book in advance due to a limited number of seats. Visit the website. 

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